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He who does not strive after his happiness shall have none.

Healthy body healthy mind.

These two sayings appeal to me. Not only because of their contents, but also of their tradition. I like them instead of high-flown sayings. They are down to earth, Czech. We have known them for a long time and they are still up-to-date.

The first one appeals to me with its idea of responsibility for one’s own actions, attitudes, health, the whole life. I strongly believe that for the most part it is in our hands and it is up to us what we do with our physical and mental health and how we take care of it.

The second one I like with its perception of mankind as a whole. As long as a person is in good physical shape, the mental state is also in a good shape and nowadays we already know that the mental state can influence the proper functioning of our body to a great deal.

I endeavored to apply both these principles in my practice. It was made fully possible to me by the craniosacral therapy with its concept of man being perceived as a whole and therapist being perceived “only” as facilitator (trigger) and guide to the own self-healing process of the client.

I use the craniosacral therapy as the main method in my practice and in case of need (strengthening certain muscles or groups of muscles, improving incorrect motoric stereotypes etc.) I add SM system, method of sensorimotor stimulation or other exercises to it.

You can learn more on these methods in the section My Therapy.

I offer my services as a guide on the way to your health, better life feeling, better use of your possibilities and abilities, better quality of life.

I look forward to working with you.


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